“Somebody falls in love, somebody breaks a heart. We never fall in love, we only fall apart.” “I’ll always remember, I’ll never forget, how you took my breath away, the first time we met. ” Advertisements

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The possibility of turning back the clock to take back words that were said, to erase all the pain, and to make everything whole, again is too good to be true.   But if it were, a warning would go out, and the butterflies would live in splendor, not in fear of being trampled and […]

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Spring Photos!

I absolutely love these!  Photography makes me so happy at times 🙂  Advertisements

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I love my fears

I fear stagnation and lack of progress.  I fear never reaching my potential and being average.  I fear being forgotten.  I fear giving up and being passed by.  I fear letting those I love down, letting myself down.  I fear settling, giving into “that’s just the way it is” mindset.  I fear not feeling these […]

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I love people who can make me laugh

I love it when people can make me laugh… a lot.   Advertisements

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I love these!

I feel like I captured some amazing moments with my phone’s camera. I love these pictures, so much! I need to get a professional camera…   Advertisements

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Mantis Shrimp

  All credit goes to TheOatmeal! Not mine! I just had to share! http://theoatmeal.com/comics/mantis_shrimp  Advertisements

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