The possibility of turning back the clock to take back words that were said, to erase all the pain, and to make everything whole, again is too good to be true.   But if it were, a warning would go out, and the butterflies would live in splendor, not in fear of being trampled and […]

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Worth it

This year I am trying something new…  I am doing shot put and discus. The training kind of really sucks,  but embrace the burn, right? It feels kind of amazing to be so sore it hurts to sit or lift my arms up. I can’t wait for summer to see what I’m going to look […]

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Foggy day

Foggy day

Sometimes our lives get foggy and confusing,
and it is comforting to know nature gets that way too.
Everything doesn’t have to be dull and grey;
just look a little bit closer to find reds and blues.
They are hidden among the grey,
just waiting to be discovered.

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