I’m Ready

At this moment, I know I am ready for college.

Yes, I am nervous, but I’m ready for this fresh start.

I know I am still the same person I was at the beginning of the summer, but I feel different. I feel beautiful, confident, and happy. Maybe I feel this way as a result of working out everyday, or maybe it is because everything in my life is starting to fall into place. I’ve worked so hard to get to where I am today, and it is starting to show. I have a long ways to go until ultimately reach my goal of becoming an astronaut, but this is one small step (pun intended).

This step to college is a small one, but it is getting me to where I want to go, and I am ready.

No, I don’t have a supportive group of friends I thought I had in high school, but I made some good friends at orientation, and I know I’m going to be okay. The people at orientation I met were so supportive and they have similar goals as me. College is going to be an environment we will thrive in. It will be an environment where we will follow and accomplish our dreams without people that bring us down.

I am ready for fall.

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I've always had this vision of who I want to be, and admired those who live the lifestyle I have always dreamed. Not sure why I didn't go for it until now. But now, I'm ready!

I feel a new beginning coming towards me and i'm running to it with open arms. #wisdom #affirmations


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