The Truth About What Happens To Your High School Friends When You Go To College

This encourages me so much as my friends and I prepare for college this fall. I just hope they come to understand that this growing appart is an essential part of our growing up, and if our friendship is really true, our growing appart and growing up will only make our friendship stronger.

Thought Catalog

It was six years ago when my small group of friends and I were about to start our first year of college. As if the future burden of student loans wasn’t daunting enough, this milestone would be the first time in our lives the four of us wouldn’t be passing each other notes in the hallway or eating lunch together. Two of us would be living at home and commuting to school, and the other two would be packing up their lives to experience college with a roommate in a dorm. Growing up, our childhood homes were all within a five block radius of each other. College would be the first time we couldn’t make it to each other’s front doorstep after a brisk walk.

The four of us have never had the type of friendship filled with emotional heart-to-hearts or impromptu hugs. Our bond, forged in elementary school, was…

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