How Do You Know You’re Making The Right Life-Changing Decision?

This is very helpful.
Right now, I just know I am making the right decision to attend ERAU next fall.

Thought Catalog

One of the amazing things about humans’ capacity to reason is that we can rationalize anything to fit into our particular life narratives. This happened for that reason. It’s okay for me to steal because I need X. I don’t need to care about that cause because I already donated to another one. It’s what helps us stay sane. It’s what helps us make our decisions and live a life with a little bit less uncertainty. It’s what helps us choose what food to buy our children. Logic helps us make every single decision we consciously make, but we start getting into troubled terrain when we start overthinking — over-rationalizing. When one line of rational thought impedes on another, we enter a double bind, a paradoxical state of indecision because one line of rational thought that helps us make decisions is now contradicting another line of rationality. When making big…

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