Butterflies II

There was a fluttering deep down

that did not seem of any significance.

It was thought they were gone forever,

but like a phoenix,

they were reborn from their ashes.

The pain was finally gone.


The guard should have not been let down

for they failed once again

to protect the innocent warmth keeping the butterflies dormet.


The evil one watched as he revived the butterflies

and with a smirk he knew,

it happened again,

fell too hard, too fast.


Falling this time was different,

as was every other time,

Failure leaped after

and engulfed the Fallen in strong arms.


Along with the butterflies,

safety and warmth was restored

and all worries about reality ceased.


Everything ended too soon though,

and reality hit.

It knocked the breath out of them,

and they separated again.

What was once whole

is forever torn apart.

They didn’t even say goodbye.


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