No, I have not been myself lately. I know. Want to know why? Yes? Because I’ve been treated like crap tately and nothing seems to be going my way. I feel like I’m being used to just get answers in my math classes, and I am tired of it. My supposed friends are upset with me for not hanging out with them more, but I don’t really want to because they treat me like crap. Do they somehow think I enjoy being the butt of every joke they make? Do my parents even see me struggle on a day-to-day basis to motivate myself to get things done for my pending future? How can I feel so alone when I’m surrounded by so many people?

How can I go to school and be treated like crap just to come home and not even get the time of day from my family 6 out of 7 days of the week? It is awful, and I am getting very tired of it. To my friends that may or may not read this: you wonder why I don’t hang out with you, yet you treat me like crap when I do. You wonder why I don’t talk more, yet you interrupt me and refuse to listen to me when I do. I thought we were done being middle schoolers! WE ARE SENIORS FOR GOODNESS SAKES! I will pay you guys attention when you decide to pay some attention in return. It is too easy to put my “happy” mask on. You used to see right through it, but now you don’t even notice. All I have to ask it WHY?


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