Girls Vs. Boys

How is it guys seem to make better friends than girls? I seem to get along with them better at least, and I always have. Us girls have too much drama.

All my friends -of the female gender- seem to be upset that I am unable to hand out with them as much as I used to, but what can I say? Sorry? I have a job that takes up my entire weekend because my parents won’t let me work on school days? That all the money I am making is going to flight lessons and to college and I don’t want to spend it on other things? That I play chauffeur for my father and little brother after school?  I’m sorry that I can’t physically be there for them like I used to be. I really am. I cry about it a lot, but they just do not seem to understand. I miss them-my friends- and I’d really wish they’d stop trying to talk about me behind my back and treating me like I’m an idiot. Well newsflash: I’m not an idiot, and I am very aware of what they are saying and I really wish they would stop.

My friends -of the male gender- completey understand though, and they are there for me. ALWAYS.

This pretty much sums up my guy best friend -excluding the last two lines-:

He would do any of these things for me in a heartbeat. He's one of my absolute best friends. And who knows, we just might fall in love some day.


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