“You’re reaching out And no one hears you cry You’re freaking out again ‘Cause all your fears Remind you another dream has come undone You feel so small and lost like you’re the only one You wanna scream ’cause you’re Desperate You want somebody, just anybody To lay their hands on your soul tonight You […]

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No, I have not been myself lately. I know. Want to know why? Yes? Because I’ve been treated like crap tately and nothing seems to be going my way. I feel like I’m being used to just get answers in my math classes, and I am tired of it. My supposed friends are upset with […]

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Girls Vs. Boys

How is it guys seem to make better friends than girls? I seem to get along with them better at least, and I always have. Us girls have too much drama. All my friends -of the female gender- seem to be upset that I am unable to hand out with them as much as I […]

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