Insanity Day1

So I started Insanity today. Today was only the Fitness Test, and it was already insane. It was hard, and I am looking forward to improving with these next 60 days. 😀 Wish me luck! 



Funny Sports Ecard: Muscle memory. Yep, it really does work! My muscles DID NOT FORGET that INSANITY workouts HURT like hell!


insanity workout results week 1 | Insanity Workout: Week 2 Check In | Chloe Gets a ClueChloe Gets a Clue


My next Challenge group starts April 28th.  Send me a friend request and Message me at for free coaching.  Join today.


insanity. What pushes me further is looking up and seeing someone else doing the same move I'm doing, which reassures me that its possible! Dig deeper!


Insanity! I'll be taking insanity classes at my gym-Lifetime Fitness. FYI: If you are a member they are free!


I hope I get results like this!! Insanity Progress Transformation | Love Uncensored


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