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This post from Cassey should be seen everywhere, and I am sharing it. 



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Hey POPsters!

Yesterday I was online and I saw that someone asked me about my thoughts on the “bikini bridge.” I was like excuse me what. Then I searched the hashtag and all this showed up:


I was like whoa, hold on – is this the next inner thigh gap of 2014!? Like seriously!!?? I went on google and found the definition:

“phenomenon wherein bikini bottoms are suspended between the two hip bones, causing a space between the bikini and the lower abdomen.”


I got so outraged that I immediately tweeted this:

Be aware of this weird #bikinibridge obsession…a space between your abs and your bikini bottoms does not define your beauty ladies!

— ❤ Cassey Ho ❤ (@blogilates) January 6, 2014

You guys seemed to be equally upset about the whole thing and left over 1,000 comments on my facebook post! At least you were aware of the absurdity of this obsession. Well…now the story gets more interesting.

Fast forward to today…I find myself on The Daily Dot as a prominent player in 4Chan’s hoax. YA. A HOAX. 4Chan manipulated social media and fooled all of us into thinking this was actually the next unhealthy obsession of teen girls.


They succeeded through creating fake accounts, posting memes everywhere, and playing on our emotions…and I was fooled. But you know what? I’m not upset. I’m glad they brought attention to it and made a parody out of how superficial…how silly…some young women have gotten when it comes to achieving beauty. First it was all about the distance between your thighs. Now it’s how high your hips can protrude from your body. At some point, I believe that this bikini bridge thing would have gotten to the level of thigh gap. There were already pictures being posted. It just needed time to swirl in the inner circles of Tumblr.

We’re now standing on the outside looking in on a weird phenomenon being played out in front of our eyes. You can see clearly how ridiculous this is right? So ridiculous that a bunch of guys over at 4Chan could poke fun at our desire for vanity and play on our insecurities. Ya, that’s kinda mean…but we’re so conditioned to think we need to be thin that we actually believed this was true.

So here’s what I want you to take from this. Bikini bridge or not, don’t base your self worth and your beauty on it. Same with thigh gap. Or flat abs. Or having big boobs. Don’t be superficial enough to sacrifice your happiness in attaining one of these physical attributes. The only reason why we want these things is because someone tells us we need it. Kinda like a commercial. You didn’t know that you needed that car or those sexy stilettos until you saw a commercial for it. And they keep pushing and pushing it on you. The media shows us pictures of skinny models with perfect hair, skin, nails, and bodies in magazines and on TV. We want what we see. They keep showing us more and more and more of what’s so unrealistic to attain for most.

A thoughtful quote I want you to think about is this: “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Focus on yourself and spend your energy on reaching your own potentials. Not racing against or being like someone else. We’re all made to contribute to this world differently.

As far as unhealthy obsessions go, stop it. Find your fire and your passion for working out and eating right. Your desire for pure vanity is not enough to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Dig deep and discover your inner motivation for getting fit and being happy. Once you figure this out, I promise your life and your body will sculpt itself accordingly. You have my meal plans and workout calendars to help guide you the whole way. I am here for you, to be your friend and your personal trainer.”








To sum it up… society kind of sucks right now with unhealthy, and unrealistic body goals. It is better to be healthy than it is to see protruding bones where they shouldn’t normally be seen. I really don’t like seeing walking skeletons, and I don’t think many others do as well. Please, ladies, take care of your bodies and be proud of when you do! You don’t have to be skin and bones to be beautiful! (My day was made today when a close guy friend called me pretty 🙂 just had to put that out there… and I am by no means skin on a stick…)

I will talk about my journey in Turkey, and its society’s view of women’s bodies soon. 


One thought on “Back on the topic of Blogilates…

  1. Really good & worthwhile post and thanks for posting. I’m not sure I agree with you about 4Chan – they have a bit of a precedent of making ‘jokes’ at womens’ expense. It’s a site that lets rape jokes go through with a shrug of shoulders to 12-year-old boys reading the site to rebel, and gets them thinking that such things are funny. That aside, very wise words here 🙂

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