Something New

I am ready for something new. For a change in my life. I guess after Turkey I just have high expectations for everything being new, exciting, and different. I guess what I am saying is that I miss Turkey, and I know that the few people I got really close to while there miss being too. l will go back and I will visit my host family. Maybe when I will go back I will take a trip along the Mediterranean coast… I greatly look forward to the day I go back.

Moving away from the past and looking at the present, time is going by so fast! I feel like it was just summer, yet here is it already October. Where has the time gone? Part of me is happy time is going by as it is because I want to get to Senior year, but then there is a really small part of me that wishes I could hold onto this part of my life and just keep it as it is before everything gets too complicated.

But the bigger part of me takes over, wishing to get over with high school and just to get on with my life.

64 more weeks of school until graduation.

28 more weeks of school until summer

10 weeks till winter break

….. not that I am counting or anything…

I want Something new in my life because everything feels very ordinary, I guess I am just wishing for something extraordinary


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